Veil Care

  • When you receive your veil

Once you receive your veil, we recommend that you unpack and unfold it completely as packaging and travel may have wrinkled it. You can either lay it on a flat surface or carefully hang it to soften the wrinkles. For shorter veils, fold the comb on a hanger or secure it with clothespins on the hanger and allow the rest of the veil to naturally fall. For longer veils, lay the veil on a flat surface, drape on a hanger (or several consecutive hangers) with the fewest possible folds. We recommend storing your veil in a garment bag until your big day.

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  • Prepping your veil for your wedding day

A day or two before your wedding day, hang your veil from a high rod or door so it hangs without any folds. This will allow most wrinkles to release naturally. If wrinkles remain, carefully steam your veil at the maximum temperature working your way down from the comb and moving the steamer in a circular motion as to work out the wrinkles. You can also carefully use an iron on the coolest and lowest temperature setting. Lay the fabric on a covered ironing board and use a cotton fabric (handkerchief or sheet) as a buffer between the iron and tulle. The cotton fabric will press the tulle and protect it from the iron. Quickly iron the veil to flatten the wrinkles and caution not to iron over the lace edge. WARNING: Do not use direct heat or high heat on the veil as you may melt and destroy the tulle.ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  NOTE: Torissa veils are made from premium polyester tulle that can be gently ironed as indicated above.


  • After the wedding

Congratulations! We are sure you were stunning and felt spectacular on your wedding day! Now, itโ€™s time to preserve your beautiful veil. If needed, you can carefully handwash your veil, let it airdry and then steam or iron it as indicated above. Carefully fold and store it in our signature canvas envelope package in a cool location away from sunlight.