Veil Photography Tips

A veil adds elegance and sophistication to your wedding look, so don’t miss the chance to get spectacular photos with your veil on your big day. Here are a few tips so that you can let your photographer know in advance.


  1. Flowing Veil


A photo where the veil is gently and beautifully flowing behind you is the ultimate way to feature your veil. The secret is the “toss and run” technique. Just have your maid of honor or groom gently toss the veil and then run away and, in the meantime, the photographer will beautifully capture the moment when the veil is flowing down. 


  1. Veil Filter 

Playing around while the blusher over your face or using your veil as a filter adds a beautiful texture to your pictures.

  1. Details Matter

A great way to capture the details of your veil is to have your photographer get a close up shot of the edge or lace details against your skin or of you gracefully playing with the edge of your veil.

  1. Textured Backgrounds

Use your veil to accessorize or create texture for pictures of details. For example, place your rings or your bouquet on the veil to highlight your accessories while on a soft and texturized background.

It’s probably the only time in your life you will wear a veil. Smile and enjoy! It’s your wedding day!