Why are wedding veils so expensive?

They're playing a psychological pricing trick on you, and they hope you won't notice. But you don't have to fall for it. 

Most companies that sell wedding veils also sell wedding dresses. The average price of a wedding dress in the US in 2020 is around $1,600. That's a sizable investment into your perfect day, so it's a purchase that you will think deeply about before you make a decision. You're also likely to spend a decent amount of time shopping around. By the time you've committed to your dress, you're likely exhausted by the process. And that's when they will offer you a $400 or more expensive veil. They're counting on you to compare the $400 to the $1,600 you just spent on the dress, and then it won't seem that high. Or at least that's how they want you to think.

This is a technique called Pricing Proportion Cost. It just means that you are less likely to notice that the smaller item is overpriced. Car dealerships do it all the time. They try to get you to add custom speakers or leather seats at ridiculous prices, but you don't notice because you're thinking about the price tag on the car.

Once you know this trick you're less likely to fall for it. You'll realize that there are options out there, and you don't have to spend those crazy amounts to get a top-quality veil.

That's where Torissa comes in. We're not here to play pricing games with you. We are here to help you get your dream veil by offering exceptional quality without the hefty price tag.